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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Am I having Deja Vu?


No you are not having Deja Vu it is more a case of a bad blogger who does not have enough content to pad out the fact that this outfit is pretty much the same as the outfit in the post before. As the old saying goes why fix something that isn't broke, who's with me? Seriously though there is a lot of pressure to constantly come up with a brand new outfit for every single day of the year when frankly that is ridiculous and not cost effective. I am not a celeb therefore I need to wear my £60 pair of shoes more than once as I work hard for my money and they have slotted into my material heart nicely! This is also something I do a lot when I go on city breaks I try to plan outfits which can be worn with jeans or a skirt (weather dependent) with layers making them perfect for any occasion.

If I ever had the time to do a cost per wear chart this jacket would pay for itself 1000 times over. Don't you love pieces like that in your wardrobe?. I fell in love with it back in February and hoped I would be able to style it but did worry slightly that it might just catch dust in my cupboard but my goodness everyone needs a pastel pink jacket! If like me your main clothing pallet is grey,white and black than a pale pink is the perfect feminine touch and perfect for all occasions.

Do any of you ever feel pressure to wear something new each day? What do you think about bloggers wearing similar outfits with slight tweaks? 

//Jacket- River Island (last season, similar)// Tank- Topshop // Skirt- Topshop // Shoes- Topshop // Bracelets- HRH Collection // Necklace- Not on the High Street// 

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  1. Amen to that Ellie, why should we feel bad about wearing the same outfit twice. That jacket looks amazing on you, you wear it everyday if you want to!
    xxx Claire

  2. fab cas look love your jacket

  3. Oooh you look absolutely gorgeous - everything looks lovely on you and those shoes - in love!!!!

    I don't feel the pressure to wear new things everyday no, if I'm happy with what I'm wearing that's all that matters….it used to bother me a while ago but since then I've use learnt to do and wear what makes me happy and what makes me feel better!

    I really hope that more people will do what makes them feel better - it's not about impressing anyone or dressing up for anyone but yourself!

    Long comment but just had to answer haha! And how gorgeous is your phone case too!!!! Love that! :)

    Layla xx

  4. Love this outfit! its really pretty, the shoes are gorgeous x

  5. Love this outfit!! its really pretty, the shoes are gorgeous!!