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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Where have I been?

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 Where have you been? Four words that can sometimes be surprisingly tricky to answer.

I took some time off partially to take a step back from the blog because I lost my mojo and partly because I was being lazy and uncreative.  In that time I have been on two incredible trips one to Sorrento and another to Chamonix to snowboard for the first time. My passion for taking photos never stopped in this time and I finally realised rather than storing them in the deepest depths of my laptop archives I would share some of them!

First off Sorrento. The beauty of this place left me of all people speechless (practically unheard of) it was one of those *pinch me is this real life moments* everything was so picturesque. We stayed at the Hotel Mediterraneo where we wined & dined like Kings for the week whispering the special 3 digit code (our room number) so we could take our glasses of wine for a night cap while listening to the live Jazz band without fiddling about with our Euros. It was honestly wonderful until reality sunk in and we had the bill to pay as we left... eek I guess it isn't cheap to live like a king! It was a great hotel though and would highly recommend if anyone is thinking of visiting Sorrento.

Next Chamonix. Sun, snow and serious bruising. At the grand old age of 23 I finally went on a skiing holiday, well snowboarding and I had the time of my life! It was both mentally and psychically tough,  I'm not someone who gives up easily but on day two I had an almighty temper tantrum at the bottom of the baby slops, in front of a lot of bewildered children & french skiers, and I made my very reluctant burning thighs take me to the cafe for some 'me time' ( the cafe is 10metres from my melt down). Thinking about it now it sounds ridiculous and hilarious but when you are being taunted by the button lift all day & miss your mars bar break a girl is going to crack!! As long as you stick with it and are fine with falling on your bum a lot by day 4 it will all fall into place & you will be turning down the mountain, enjoying the breeze on your face and mastering/falling off the dreaded chair lift in no time. Seriously why are those chair lifts so hard to master especially with a snowboard attached!! I can't wait for the season to start again so I can go back, who would of thought that I was quite the outdoorsy girl?

I hope at least one person managed to read my rambles It could take a few goes to get back into this blogging malarky. Have you been skiing or snowboarding this year? Where should I go next?

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