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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Is Social Media shortening friendships?

I’m sat here after realising another good friend of mine has gone ‘offline’ in my life. The first time this happened it really hurt but the second time is just frustrating. Does 21st century life make it harder to sustain long term friendships? Don’t get me wrong social media is great for those friends who move away after uni and you want to keep in touch with their life updates and achievements but it also allows ‘lazy friendships’. These type of friendships are where you are all in from the beginning, whatsapping 24/7 behaving like you’ve known each other years but does being in contact all day every day for 18 months straight mean you’ve exasperated conversation? Have you squashed 5 years of friendship into 18 months? Does this type of friendship make it easier and more acceptable to cancel that lunch or those girls cocktails. Do they need to come to my birthday drinks if they’ve done a photo declaration on social media? We live in a face valued fake world, nothing stays the same but do I accept these are short term friendships and invest less time or stop trying to form new friendships all together. 
At 25 my time now seems too precious to waste it chasing those who never meet you half way. I long for that American dream style loyal friendship group who no matter what make time for each other and stick to arrange plans. Do they only exist in movies now? Tell me I’m not alone feeling like this, I do have friends but it can feel lonely when one leaves your life out of the blue for no other reason than they no longer need your online presence. 

Is having constant contact killing my friendships?

Thursday, 25 May 2017

48 Hours in Florence Outfits

It has taken me til I hit a quarter of a century to finally manage to pack light! If you follow me on instagram I'm sure you know I got whisked away for 48 hours in the majestic Florence for my birthday. This obviously means hand luggage only, which means careful consideration and packing on the outfit side of things. I was brutal (for me anyway) and packed one bag and only 2 pairs of shoe. I usually bring a pair of heels with me but 99.99% of the time I never wear them as really my feet ache already from all the exploring!!
So here are my outfits from Florence, lightly packed and without blowing my own horn I loved all my outfits and felt so comfortable and chic in them all!
Florence outfit travel
Outfit 1.
I truly believe there are two types of travellers the 'casual traveller' who are in comfortable trousers/ loungewear and the 'travelling outfit' traveller and I am the latter. I love nothing more than wearing something new to travel in to start my holiday and this outfit was no exception and I promise matching the suitcase was a complete accident!

Top- Red Herring// Jacket- Bershka // Jeans- Ridley Asos // Shoes- Vans // Bag- Asos

Florence sporty outfit
Outfit 2.
The 'Italian Soccer Mom' look as my boyfriend described it! I also wore this to travel home in and paired my denim jacket with it for when I got cold!

Jumper- Asos// Jeans- Levi// Sandals- Primark// Hat- random shop in Florence.

Florence floral outfit
Outfit 3.
Top- Berksha// Jeans- Asos Ridley // Bag- Asos // Sandals- Primark//

Florence dress outfit
Outfit 4.
Dress- Topshop // Jacket- Next // Shoes- Vans // Bag- Asos// Sunglasses- Rayban Rb3647n //

I also treated myself as a pre birthday gift to these rose gold sunglasses from ray ban and I am so glad I did, they are not my normal style but I am totally in love with them! Have you been to Florence? What sort of traveller are you the Traveller outfit or a comfortable one?

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